How Much Money Does Boris Becker Make? Latest Income Salary

Boris Franz Becker (German pronunciation: [ˈbÉ"ʁɪs ˈbÉ›kɐ]; born 22 November 1967) is a German former world No. 1 professional tennis player. He was successful from the start of his career, winning the first of his six major singles titles at age 17. He also won five year-end championships, 13 Masters Series titles, and an Olympic gold medal in doubles.

At times Becker struggled with his early success and fame, and his personal life has been turbulent. Since his playing career ended, he has engaged in numerous ventures, including coaching Novak Djokovic for three years. After facing bankruptcy proceedings, he claimed to be the Central African Republic sport and culture attaché to the EU since April 2018.

Net Worth:

Boris Becker Net Worth: $100 Million

Boris Becker's Income / Salary:

Per Year: $20 Million

Per Month: $2 Million

Per Week: $500,000

Per Day:Per Hour: Per Minute:Per Second:

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