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Grant Cardone was born on 21 March, 1958 in Louisiana, US. He attended LaGrange High School in the year 1976. Later, Cardone attended McNeese State University until the year 1981 and graduated with a with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and was awarded with the McNeese State University Distinguished Alumnus Award. Cardone Grant is married to actress Elena Lyons and has two children. As of 2018, Grant Cardone’s net worth is $300 million.
Grant Cardone is not only an American author but is also a motivational speaker, sales trainer and a real estate investor. Although he had a degree in accounting, Grant chose a different field and joined an automotive sales company where he for several years. At the age of 25, Grant Cardone had a drug problem for which he joined a rehab. He became a billionaire within five years of leaving the drug rehab.
Grant Cardone would often visit real estate properties with his father in his childhood days as a family outing which led to him gaining an interest in real estate. When Cardone was 29 years old, he bought his first ever single-family property which he rented out. However, the property failed after a couple of months due to which he quickly sold it out.
Grant Cardone bought his first ever multifamily complex five years later in San Diego and just after a month, bought a second multifamily property. By the year 2012, his real estate named Cardone Acquisitions was known to have the largest private party acquisitions portfolio in Florida.

Net Worth:

Grant Cardone Net Worth: $100 Million

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Per Year: $20 Million

Per Month: $2 Million

Per Week: $500,000

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