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Francesco Colella
 ( Catanzaro , 1 June 1974 ) is an Italian actor of cinema and television .
Born in Catanzaro , he moved to Rome to pursue an acting career and in 1995 he graduated from the National Academy of Dramatic Arts Silvio D'Amico. Between 1997 and 1998 he attended a specialization course at the Teatro di Roma . 
He is one of the main actors of Luca Ronconi , with whom he has worked in 17 shows.
In 2008 he took part in the writing of the subject of Il pugile e la ballerina together with Natalie Cristiani , Giuseppe Napoli , Marco Saura and Francesco Suriano .
In 2009 he writes with Francesco Lagi and interprets the drama L'asino d'oro inspired by Apuleio's novel of the same name 
In 2010 he won the Ubu Award for Best Supporting Actor for Details and The Merchant of Venice . 
Since 2015 he is engaged in a monographic Teatrodilina path of bringing on stage six different shows: Ziguli , The holidays of Lagonia gentlemen , bananas , Migratory birds , Tonight We Improvise and Almost Christmas .
He has participated in many TV dramas, including Sotto coverage , in which he plays in the second season Domenico Ventriglia, and Captain Maria , where he plays Doctor Tancredi Patriarca.
In July 2017 , the shooting of Two Little Italians begins , in which Colella is the protagonist together with the director and actor Paolo Sassanelli . In April 2018 the film was selected out of competition at the Bari International Film Festival to be premiered on 22 April at the Petruzzelli Theater .
In March 2018 he airs on Sky Atlantic Trust - The Getty kidnapping in which he plays Leonardo.
Net Worth:

Francesco Colella Net Worth: $100 Million

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Per Year: $20 Million

Per Month: $2 Million

Per Week: $500,000

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