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TikTok star with an account called zephanclak (formerly z3ph4n) whose creative videos have earned him 1.5 million fans on the app. He is known for lip syncing to pop songs and he often collaborates with other social stars.
He started YouTube for fun, but initially did not find much success on the platform. It would later begin to grow as he continued to work at it.
He decided to create a new Instagram account called ZephanClark after his z3ph4n account grew in popularity. On Snapchat, he has earned around 2 thousand views per day.
He moved with his parents and sister Asha to New Zealand. He has dated fellow social stars Mars and Zoe LaVerne.
He collaborated on a duet video with Helena Bruder.

Net Worth:

Zephan Clark Net Worth: $100 Million

Zephan Clark's Income / Salary:

Per Year: $20 Million

Per Month: $2 Million

Per Week: $500,000

Per Day:Per Hour: Per Minute:Per Second:

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