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David Reuben (born 1941) and Simon Reuben(born 1944) are British businessmen and philanthropists. In the 2016 Forbes magazine list of billionaires, David and Simon Reuben were ranked as the 60th wealthiest people in the world, with a net worth of US$14.4 billion. 
In 2016 they were named by The Sunday Times as Britain's richest people, with a net worth of GB£13.1 billion.

The brothers were born in Mumbai, India, the sons of David Sassoon Reuben and Nancy Reuben, a prosperous Baghdadi Jewishfamily. The family had lived in British India since the mid-1800s with other fellow Jews such as Baron Kadoorie (the father of Sir Michael Kadoorie), the Sassoon family and many other Jewish families.

The brothers arrived in London in the 1950s with their mother, Nancy, and lived in Islington; having run various businesses across the Indian Subcontinent from their bases in Bombay and Baghdad. The brothers attended government schools, with Simon never completing his formal education.

David joined a scrap metals business while Simon started out in carpets. Simon went on to buy out England's oldest carpet company from the receivers and made enough money from it to start investing in property, with early investments on Walton Street and the King's Road in Chelsea.

The brothers increased their wealth during the 1970s and 1980s in both metals trading and property. Nearly half their fortune is in liquid assets such as cash and bonds. They avoid publicity, but provide some details about their interests on their personal website.

Net Worth:

David And Simon Reuben Net Worth: $100 Million

David And Simon Reuben's Income / Salary:

Per Year: $20 Million

Per Month: $2 Million

Per Week: $500,000

Per Day:Per Hour: Per Minute:Per Second:

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