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Adriana Barraza (born March 5, 1956) is a Mexican actress, acting teacher, and director.

In 1999 director Alejandro Gonz??lez I????rritu cast her as the mother of Gael Garc??a Bernal's character in Amores perros, which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. In 2006, she recollaboated with I????rritu in Babel, for which she received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Barraza is known in Mexico as Master Barraza from her partnership with Mexican director Sergio Jim??nez, known as El Profe. They created the Actors Workshop in Mexico City, teaching and developing their own version of Method acting. Barraza began her career directing telenovela episodes, the actors in which she would also coach.

She currently operates her own acting school located in Miami, Florida titled Adriana Barraza's Black Box. Instructors at the school include her husband Arnaldo and daughter Carolina.

Net Worth:

Adriana Barraza Net Worth: $100 Million

Adriana Barraza's Income / Salary:

Per Year: $20 Million

Per Month: $2 Million

Per Week: $500,000

Per Day:Per Hour: Per Minute:Per Second:

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